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19 years, 75 schools, 100,000 kids – and counting!

Successfully taught for 19 years, our Poly-Phones are like nothing you’ve seen before. Unique instruments constructed from plastic pipes tuned to a range of pitches and played with a ‘bat’, Poly-Phones are easy to learn, exciting to play and impressive to perform. Poly-Phones music workshops offer a range of benefits, including:

* Melody

* Rhythm

* Pitch

* Unison and harmony work

* Bass lines and counter melody

* Improvisation

* Composition (for older children)

Something out of the ordinary – a fabulous day of learning and fun. Mr Bird, Head Teacher, Hill Avenue Primary School, Wolverhampton

A day’s workshop consists of learning and memorising tunes on the Poly-Phones, culminating in a performance for peers, parents and staff. Conventional instruments can be incorporated into the workshops, together with non-conventional instruments made from recycled materials and ‘found’ objects.

To book a Poly-Phones experience for your school, or to find out more, email us at info@poly-phones.co.uk or call us on 01902 83118 or 07957 240084

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