Samba Workshops

samba comp

Discover the irresistible beat of Samba with NÖE music’s exciting percussion workshop.

Built around classic Latin-American rhythms, our Samba workshops offer your children the chance to discover one of the world’s best-loved music styles. Our team will teach children the key elements of samba rhythm, culminating in a show-stopping performance for peers, parents and staff.

Brilliant – I couldn’t stop smiling all day!

Harvir, Year 5 pupil, Castlecroft Primary School

For teamwork, confidence-building and expression, together with curriculum-linked benefits including maths, science, history and communication, Samba workshops offer something that will stay with your children for years.

To book a Samba experience for your school, or to find out more, email us at or call us on 01902 831118 or 07957 240084

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